Corporate Travel

Cost cutting tips

  • Try to book flights during off-peak times, normally they are cheaper.
  • Book your flights as far in advance as you can. Early bookings are generally better priced.
  • Off-season bookings are cheaper.
  • Prices might be lower when you stay longer before returning.

Before you depart...

  • Plan your trips by looking at weather prediction, the smoother the weather, the smoother the ride.
  • Find out in advance the time zone for the arrival city, the rules regarding bringing in foreign currency and policies regarding passports.
  • Let your medical practitioner suggest precautionary medicine if you travel to remote areas.
  • Update your insurance to make sure it would cover you for your trip. Remember – we offer various cost effective insurance products
  • Arrange for accommodation/care for your pets while you are away!
  • Mark all clothes and baggage.
  • Inform your neighbors about your travel plans.
  • Ask us about Travellers cheques vs. Cashcards/Cash

Travel Clinic

The Netcare Travel Clinics receive up-to-the-minute information on 84 different hazards in more than 250 countries, which means advice can be specifically tailored to each individual’s journey. Whether you are travelling to a country with poor medical facilities, or you are simply concerned about the dangers of exposure to your personal health, protection will be planned there and then.

Find out more about areas affected by Malaria and Yellow Fever

BEE Accreditation

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Visa Application Services

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